Services for Associations and Alliances

Let Combined Worksite Solutions set you apart by helping your member companies enrich their benefits packages with additional supplemental benefits and services designed just for them.

Combined Worksite Solutions provides your Association, Chamber of Commerce, corporation or Better Business Bureau with a new sponsored program that increases your value to your members. This can allow you to:

  1. Expand your association's membership benefits package.
  2. Help your members increase the financial security of their employees without increasing their company's costs.
  3. Increase your association's non-dues revenue.

Your organization and Combined Worksite Solutions can partner to offer the unique U-Select® supplemental benefits program to your member companies.

The U-Select program is designed to complement and enhance your members' existing employee benefits portfolio. Considering that benefits average 44.2% of a company's payroll or $18,489 per employee,(U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Employee Benefits Study, 2006).  Is it any wonder that your members look for ways to curb the rising cost of employee benefits?