Services for Brokers and Consultants

At Combined Worksite Solutions, our Brokers & Consultants Unit strives to be your link to excellent worksite insurance products and related services to your valued clients. We want to help you maximize:

In addition, we periodically provide special offers or incentives to our qualifying broker or consultant partners. Contact your Combined Worksite Solutions Regional Director, send us an email, or call 866-857-2317 for more information about a program that is currently available.


In today’s world of business it is important to develop and maintain good, stable and solid relationships in the marketplace. Combined Worksite Solutions brings you a well-established, respected and financially secure organization. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience with enrollment, benefit communication and product solutions. Let us show you how a relationship with Combined can enhance your relationship with your clients.

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Like you, we desire outstanding results on every enrollment. Good results can only enhance and strengthen your relationship with your clients. We have relationships with many enrollment firms and can provide enrollment solutions on local, regional and national levels.To help achieve the desired results we set standards for each enrollment that include:

  • pre-enrollment strategy meetings.
  • enrollment options best suited for your client.
  • benefit communication and education.
  • insurance products most appropriate for each client company.

Results are not limited to the initial enrollment. Therefore, we have assembled an industry-leading administrative team with the experience to address today’s worksite marketing demands for:

  • underwriting expertise.
  • timely claims payments.
  • ease of billing.
  • accurate commission payments.

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As important as good relationships and results may be, the bottom line always comes down to revenue. As with other insurance products, there are financial benefits that occur immediately as well as those that accrue with time. We have several ways to help you obtain increased revenue by:

  • offering competitive commissions.
  • providing a commitment to annual re-servicing.
  • helping reduce policy cancellations by setting limits as to how much insurance individual employees can obtain.
  • establishing no participation requirements.
  • providing an inflation fighter feature on life products

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