If employees have questions regarding their coverage, they should be encouraged to call our toll free policyholder service number 1-800-544-9382. Our customer service representatives have instant access to your employees' records and the expertise to handle all inquiries from the simple to the complex.

In this supporting role,we deal directly with your employees on matters of ongoing administration other than payroll deduction, allowing you to do what you do best- focus on your business.

Claim Forms

Download the proper claim forms and instructions by selecting your state from the list below for quick processing or for faster service use our Tele-Claim process. Call 1-800-544-9382.



Beneficiary Change Forms

To obtain your employee's change of beneficiary form please download and print the appropriate form by selecting your state from the list below. Please complete the form correctly to avoid any processing delays.

U-Select Voluntary Benefits Program overview

This document provides the highlights and a brief description of the U-Select voluntary benefits program including the products available to help employees address their insurance or financial protection needs.[ Download Voluntary Benefits Guide ]