The Hidden Paycheck

Ask employees how much they earn and they'll tell you the dollar amount on their check — down to the last penny. Ask them how much their employee benefits are worth and they'll shrug, or take a stab at a dollar amount. Often they greatly underestimate what you spend on their benefits. Most likely your employees donít realize that the benefits you provide are a significant part of total payroll costs.

Shouldn't you show them how much you truly value them?

By using our personalized total compensation reports, you can display the full cost in an easy to understand statement that includes:

  • Base salary
  • Commissions, bonuses and overtime (if applicable)
  • Health care and retirement benefits
  • Paid time off and vacation time
  • Tax savings from 401(k) and flexible spending accounts
  • Balances on retirement and investment plans

With personalized total compensation reports, employees gain a clearer understanding of all your benefit costs. In addition, they will understand how increases in benefit costs affect your bottom line and ability to provide salary increases.