How We Help

As an organization, you are faced with significant increases in health insurance premiums, overburdened Human Resource Departments and more complex benefit choices than ever before.

Your employees want more benefits but you donít want the added cost. You want quality benefits appropriate for your employees. Plus, you want a high level of service.

By working with you, we can help bring appropriate solutions to meet your organizationís particular benefit needs.

  • We communicate to your employees the value of the benefits you already provide so they better understand their total compensation.
  • By offering your employees supplemental products, we can help you control the rising cost of benefits.
  • Our products complement your existing benefit plan. They do not change or alter your current benefits.
  • There is no out-of-pocket cost to your organization. All premiums are employee-paid using the ease of payroll deduction.
  • Our expert benefits specialists walk employees through their options in your place of business, using our latest technology.
  • Our specialists visit every year to meet with new and existing employees.
  • Because we handle most of the administration tasks, you're not overwhelmed with paperwork.
  • Our benefits are portable. If an employee changes jobs, the benefits remain with him or her.