Combined Worksite Solutions' U-Select program spreads the good news

With Combined Worksite Solutions' U-Select program, you can outline for your employees the precise value of their benefits. That knowledge can boost employee morale and productivity. Most importantly, it raises the profile of your company with your employees.

Here's how U-Select spreads the good news

Our staff educates your employees by meeting with them one-on-one to review your contribution to their total compensation package. We help employees discover their hidden paycheck — the investment that you make beyond salary including government-mandated benefits, insurance benefits, time off with pay and other types of compensation, such as pension plan, company stock and tuition reimbursement.

What other coverage do your employees need?

Not only can we shine a light on the benefits that you offer, but, by using Combined Worksite Solutions' exclusive One Minute Benefit Planner®, your employees can prioritize their biggest concerns about the future, for themselves and their families.

The One Minute Benefit Planner helps employees pinpoint their financial protection needs. One employee may need additional life insurance, while another wants to plan ahead for financial needs that can arise if he or she were disabled. If an employee's plans call for a benefit not fully covered by your existing plan, we help with a wide range of affordable products, backed by the strength and security of Combined Insurance Company of America.

What's more, by linking with Combined Worksite Solutions' U-Select program, you'll be building good will — employees appreciate having the opportunity to pick and choose their benefits.